Kamila Stepien

Photojournalist & Filmmaker
Location: Paris
Nationality: polish
Biography: Her passion is to mix cinematographic framing, and fantasy and intense colors  posed on sometimes terrible stories that she tells. obsessed with documenting the consequences of current conflicts and the policies that reign in the world on the... read on
Media News
All about my mother (Surrogacy: Grazia mag)
kamila stepien
Oct 6, 2019
Location: Kyiv,Ukraina
At a time when the surrogacy is controversial in France,
I leave Kyiv, where we spent two weeks with a French couple waiting for the birth of a baby from a Ukrainian surrogate mother.

It is time to answer the questions:

 Is it renting a human belly?

Is it helping infertile people by taking advantage of the progress of science?

Do surrogate mothers find their interest and how?

The first fruit of our long term documentary work, which began a year ago, a report published in Grazia France.
Kamila Stepien, Storyteller, KIEV - Mother Until The Birth !
KIEV - Surrogacy buisness !