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Photographer / Filmmaker
The Farm
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: USA
Biography: Ariel Skovera is a photographer and visual artist, located in Los Angeles, CA. Her work focuses on the stories and moments of human life that many times are overlooked in this fast-moving world. Themes explored in Ariel's imagery include... read on
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The Farm
Copyright ariel skovera 2021
Updated 12/16/16
Located about an hour north of Philadelphia, PA, sits a dairy farm that has been operating for over 100 years. Known as Merrymead Farm, the estate is considered one of Pennsylvania's "Century Farms," and has spanned five generations of the same family. The farm opened for commercial business with a country store in 1971 and has grown to selling produce, greenery, ice cream, food, and their award-winning milk.

Growing up, I lived down the street from the farm and found myself there many times and ultimately became one of their employees during my high school years. While working there, I was exposed to the extended family's close-knit relationships and witnessed the love and warmth they had for one another. The property holds a friendly atmosphere, where everyone knows your name and your story. There is a level of simplicity on the farm that is rarely seen in our present society, and a deep family history that is rich with tradition.

This project visually tells the story of the family members behind the Merrymead business and the relationships between the generations. It explores the erosion of certain traditions and the cultivation of new ones as this family farm moves forward in time with the ever-changing modern society we inhabit.

Photographs were made with a Shen Hao 4x5" large format camera and Kodak 320 TXP Film
Originally printed in the darkroom on Ilford Multigrade Fiber-based Classic Paper, 11x 14"


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