Ariel Skovera

Photographer / Filmmaker
During the Endless Days: A Self Reflection
Location: Los Angeles
Nationality: USA
Biography: Ariel Skovera is a photographer and visual artist, located in Los Angeles, CA. Her work focuses on the stories and moments of human life that many times are overlooked in this fast-moving world. Themes explored in Ariel's imagery include... read on
Public Story
During the Endless Days: A Self Reflection
Credits: ariel skovera
Date of Work: 04/02/20 - 05/10/20
Updated: 05/30/20
Location: Los Angeles, CA
The month of April had been quiet, both in the world and within myself. It was the first time in awhile that I was able to be still and listen to all that was going on around me, which was not much due to the stay-at-home orders in L.A. County. My photography subjects were limited to my neighbors who very much didn't want any human contact, my roommate, and myself.

The month of April was a blur of days, time passively moving forward like a slow-moving river. It forced me to grapple with ideas, thoughts, and issues below the surface that I neglected to deal with for a long time. I had never been one to photograph myself in-depth and create bodies of work that focused on my body. But as many of us have adapted to new ways of living and creating, I decided to train the camera on myself for once and dive into creating as a means to deal with my inner monologues.

This project is a narrative of my thoughts and feelings as the days pass by repeatedly, with little change in routine but constant changes in my mind. These photographs and writings are vignettes of a time where everything is in flux while simultaneously filled with mundane repetition.

Photographs are taken with a Canon AE-1 using 35mm Fujifilm. 

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