Simon Andrew MacArthur

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Nationality: British
Biography: Born in Claverham, England—Simon Andrew MacArthur is a documentary photographer whose work is focused on visually interpreting the world through an environmental lens.  In 1984, Simon completed a BA in Documentary Photography from The... read on
Happenings in NYC
simon andrew macarthur
Sep 2, 2020
I'll be attending two great events in NYC in the same week; Magnum Foundation's Photography, Expanded symposium at the New School this Sunday, then the Alexia Foundation's Agent's For Change workshop next Friday. It's going to be a great week and I know my head is going to be ringing with this great influx of new information, new insights and the thoughts of many of the leading lights of the documentary field. It stands to be a pivotal week and I can't wait. Excited doesn't begin to cover it.

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