Shuran Huang

Photo Editor
Location: Washington D.C.
Nationality: Chinese
Biography: Born in mainland China, Shuran Huang is an independent photographer based in Washington D.C. Her work focuses on family, traditions and culture. Recently, she worked as a photography intern at National Public Radio. Before moving to Washington... read on
On NPR Picture Show: A 5-Year Journey To Document LGBTQ Love Stories In China
shuran huang
Jul 8, 2019
Although China officially decriminalized homosexuality in 1997, activists say the stigma around being LGBTQ — and discussing it publicly — remains today. In the past few years, Chinese Web censors have made headlines for repeatedly targeting depictions of homosexuality.

During the Pride Month this year, I worked with Italian photographer Raul Ariano to edit and write about his five-year journey of photographing LGBTQ community in China.
 A 5-Year Journey To Document LGBTQ Love Stories In China
Over the course of five years, photographer Raul Ariano fulfilled his goal to "share stories of love, dignity and hope in a segment of society that tends to be hidden in China."

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