Daniel Shular

Iowa Caucus 2020
Location: Columbia, Missouri
Nationality: American
Biography: Email: danielshular@gmail.com Phone: 636-887-5037 Daniel Shular is a first-year graduate student studying photojournalism at the University of Missouri. Shular has a BFA in Photography from the University of Missouri - St. Louis and a degree in... read on
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Iowa Caucus 2020
Credits: daniel shular
Date of Work: 02/03/20 - 02/03/20
Updated: 02/13/20
Location: Fort Madison, Iowa
The town on Fort Madison, Iowa was brimming with voters and volunteers from different democratic presidential campaigns for the Iowa caucus on Monday, February 3, 2020. The town has over 10,000 residents and is split into 6 precincts for the caucus where residents cast their votes. In the Iowa caucus, voters stand in groups for their candidate inside a room, and if a candidate doesn't get at least 15 percent they lose viability and those voters must choose another group. Some residents of the town can choose to vote early at satellite caucuses in their precincts.

The caucus starts at 7 pm, and while those democrat voters gathered at their voting locations to pick a candidate, Missouri governor Mike Parson made an acceptance speech for Donald Trump's inevitable win in the state's Republican nomination in Fort Madison, Iowa at a conference center at a Quality Inn and Suites in Fort Madison. The governor gave a short speech highlighting the president’s economic accomplishments and decried democratic candidates’ policies which he referred to as “socialist”.

At the same time about two miles away from the hotel, the fifth precinct of Fort Madison 91 voters began choosing which presidential hopefuls would get delegates. The final count was 12 delegates split between former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg with five, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders with four and former Vice-President Joe Biden with three. The numbers for the rest of the state are not publicly known due to issues with the vote reporting app the Iowa Democratic Party was using to count the votes.