Shoun Hill

Visual Journalist
Location: 2500 Johnson Ave, Bronx, N.Y.
Nationality: African-American
Biography: Shoun Hill is an African-American photojournalist based in New York City. He was born in Maryland and began photographing professionally in 1993 for The Gleaner in Henderson, KY. With an extensive body of work spanning a number of different... read on
Travel Gear Help
shoun hill
Nov 28, 2017
I know this isn't really news, but needed a place to reach as many photogragpers as possible. I'm going to Mongolia  for three weeks and I need some gear suggestions. We are going to be out in the country so I'm looking for recharging/charging gear for both my camera's, laptop, tablet and phone. A friend has siggested the RAVPower 26800, but not sure if that will work with my camera batteries. What about solar powered backpacks? I have three 2TB external that I'm considering adding padding to, or should I get dedicated travel HD? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to message me. Thanks!


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1650 Photography Gallery:Exhibition Opening Event on December 9th

By Shoun Hill — If you live near LA and your safe from the fires and have no plans, I'm part of a gallery opening tomorrow..
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MAAC on the Map: Caught In Time-contemporary photographic exhibit.

By Shoun Hill — If you are in NYC or just passing through next Thursday, please stop by and and take a look at the work...
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Gallery Opening: Manhattan Art and Antiques Center

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Gallery Show

By Shoun Hill — I just got selected for upcoming MAAC on the Map Photo Exhibition at the Manhattan Art and Antiques Center!..
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