Woong-jae Shin

Location: Seoul
Nationality: South Korean
Biography: Shin Woong-jae is a South Korean photojournalist based in New York and Seoul. He majored Linguistics and studied Semiotics at Korea University in Seoul, South Korea, before starting photography. His semiotics studies led him to brand marketing,... read on
Awards News
Honorable Mention in Social Documentary Network Call for Entries on Documenting What Matters
woong-jae shin
Feb 23, 2017

I'm thrilled and overwhelmed to announce that my long term project "From Sand to Ash", a reportage about human consequences and environmental destruction by electronic industry got selected as an Honorable Mention in SDN Call for Entries on Documenting What Matters. I do appreciate my mentors, friends and colleagues for encouraging and supporting me to continue this project. Particularly, I would like to thank Gary M KnightEd KashiAlison MorleyMarcel SabaJames EstrinJames B WellfordMike KamberLiza FaktorNamhun Sung and Eugene Richards for mentoring me to trust myself and to produce this project. I'm one damn lucky photographer on the planet today. I will take great responsibility on my project more than ever. 감사합니다!

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Events News

Exhibition: #ICPConcerned Global Images for Global Crisis

By Shin Woong-jae / International Center of Photography — #ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis I am highly honored to be a part of the great exhibition..
Events News

From to Sand to Ash: Another Family Exhibition

By Shin Woong-jae / Seoul — It is a pretty belated announcement, but I would like to share the news with you. When I started this..
Exhibitions News

Announcement of a book publication and an exhibition in South Korea

By Woong-jae Shin — I'm excited to announce that a documentary photo book which I contributed to just got published. The book..

Featured in GQ Korea's 16th anniversary issue.

By Woong-jae Shin — It's a great privilege to have my works featured in GQ magazine particularly for their anniversary March..

Featured in Sisa-IN 2016 Year End Issue

By Woong-jae Shin — It’s a belated posting but Samsung semiconductor factory victims story which I’ve been working on got..

Photo Brigade Podcast #111 with Shin Woong-jae

By Woong-jae Shin — Last Summer, I had a great opportunity to share my long term project at Photo Brigade hosted by ..

Publication: With (fake) blood and guts, U.S. Army practices for North Korean attack

By Woong-jae Shin — My latest assignment for  Washington Post . For past two days, I covered U.S. Army military drills, and..

Whisky Shots - Shin Woong-jae

By Woong-jae Shin — This is such a great honor to have interview with WPO about my photography. Please enjoy it...

Presentation of Long Term Project at Photo Brigade Meet Up in New York

By Woong-jae Shin — I was hosted by Photo Brigade to present my work at their podcast show in New York. Thanks to Robert..
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