Khashayar Sharifaee

When Goodbye Is Not Enough
Location: Tabriz, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Biography: Khashayar Sharifaee (b.1992) is an Iranian freelance photographer whose works focuses on Humanity and social issues. In 2011 He Began his career as a press photographer working for some local and national news agencies in Tabriz, Iran. in... MORE
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When Goodbye Is Not Enough
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Updated May 2015
Topics Documentary, Family, Personal

This is a personal project from last years of my grandfather's life. He was fighting with Dementia and gastrointestinal problems.

If you want to know the truth, these last months that I was documenting my grandfather, I got afraid of getting old"¦ From the thought that when we get old what is waiting for us? Loneliness? Pain of being old? Illnesses? Cancer? Alzheimer? and how will our children's behavior?what actually will happened?how can we change it ?

Statistics show that in the last decade approximately 6.4 million people in Iran and 600 million of people that live in the world are older than 60 years old and this number is going to grow up to 12 million people in Iran and more than 2 billion people around the world by 2050.

Changes in societies and how we live and communications are connected. That we have changed but in this transition we have been unaware of many other things . We have forgotten that no matter how much our life style and connections change, some of our needs will be the same and for the same reasons we have forgotten how effective we can be in life of our elderlies.

This is about life of people when they are old. when they lost their power and their abilities.when they are involved with something that Incomprehensible from us.

Photography has the visual power to educate by allowing us to enter the lives and experiences. Through my photography I have tried to show his unseen emotion and pain.

I hope that people around the world specially Iranian people change their perspective toward this issue and fine the right way about how to behave with elderly in a way that suitable.

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