Michael Shain

Photographer and reporter
Mass in Latin, Like it Used to Be
Nationality: American
Biography: Lives in Queens, N.Y.        
Public Story
Mass in Latin, Like it Used to Be
Credits: michael shain
Updated: 09/27/20
The only weekly pre-Vatican II mass in Queens — wholly in Latin — has been held in a small chapel on the grounds of St. John’s Cemetery in Middle Village since 2004.
The old-rite mass draws 60-to-80 people each week, with some coming from as far as New Jersey and Long Island. It is a throwback to a time when women wore mantilla to mass and communion was given only by a priest’s hand.
“It’s not for everybody,” said Bishop James Massa, who oversees the unusual rite.
The prayerbook used is from 1962, a relic of the year the Vatican ordered churches to say mass in the local language.
The congregation has its fair share of older worshippers but, surprisingly, most are young parents who weren't alive when the old mass was changed.  


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