Michael Shain

Photographer and reporter
Diwali, Parade of Lights
Nationality: American
Biography: Lives in Queens, N.Y.        
Public Story
Diwali, Parade of Lights
Credits: michael shain
Updated: 09/22/20
Diwali is a big deal for Hindus. The fall festival usually requires a thorough housecleaning and new clothes. But for the kids, it is the Hindu equivalent of Halloween, though that is an oversimplification of a sincerely religious celebration.,
On Diwali, children to dress up as one of the many Hindu gods, especially Lakshmee, the goddess of prosperity and money, to whom the holiday is dedicated.
In Richmond Hill, the costume parade waits until after dark to set off. Cash prizes go to the best floats and it is a sight that we Westerners rarely see.  

By Michael Shain —


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