seila montes

The fight outside the ring
Location: Mexico city
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Seila Montes is a spanish photojournalist. She graduated from The London College of communication LCC in 2007. Since then she is been working as a freelance. Her work focus in minorities and disadvantaged communities and individuals as well as... read on
Public Story
The fight outside the ring

 Mexican wrestling its a big part of the popular culture in México,
The profesional wrestlers, are venerated while they are active fighters, but in the majority of cases, they have to retired because of age or injuries.
Once they are retired, there its no institution or federation that will take care of them or they injuries.
In some cases, they have a parallel profession that they continue once retired, in others they have to grab whatever its available, to be able to live and pay for medical expenses. From selling tacos, to sell herbal life products from home to continue teaching at the local school.
I wanted to do a series of portraits of the fighters outside the wrestling contest.
In their daily surviving fight.
They are characters part of the popular Mexican culture, praised and adored inside the ring, forgotten by federations and administrations once retired.

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