seila montes

The Daily Rhythm of Mexican Mennonite Communities
Location: Mexico city
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Seila Montes is a spanish photojournalist. She graduated from The London College of communication LCC in 2007. Since then she is been working as a freelance. Her work focus in minorities and disadvantaged communities and individuals as well as... read on
Public Story
The Daily Rhythm of Mexican Mennonite Communities
In the dusty desert regions of Mexico, 100,000 Mennonites live in secluded stretches of land to maintain their religious autonomy and economic liberty through rural farming, and keep a devout lifestyle.The Mennonite colonies, established with a wave of migration from Canada in 1912, have flourished for nearly 95 years untouched and coexist with local Mexican culture surrounding them. As of late, the Mexican Drug War and severe drought threatens the existing communities way of life. They may have to abandon Mexico for another country all together.
Here is a visual journal of their personal lives.

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