seila montes

Piri Rimuri
Location: Mexico city
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Seila Montes is a spanish photojournalist. She graduated from The London College of communication LCC in 2007. Since then she is been working as a freelance. Her work focus in minorities and disadvantaged communities and individuals as well as... read on
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Piri Rimuri

Rarámuri (Tarahumara) women are part of an indigenous group from the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua.
Rarámuri, which means “light feet,” are strong runners thanks to the geography where they live. The sierra is so huge and isolated that, to get around anywhere, they must always run.
Tarahumara women are normally the ones responsible for taking care of the children, the animals and, in some cases, the crops. Due to the remoteness of the area where they live, some of them must walk up to four hours each day just to fetch water; if they decide to study, they often find themselves moving away from the family home at a very early age because the walk to school takes hours.
After only hearing about the running aspect of Rarámuri women’s lives, I wanted to get a closer look at what it means to be an indigenous woman nowadays in Mexico, and explore how they have maintain their traditional way of living. How to still wearing the traditional clothes is a way of rebelion to the western culture and customs  that endangers their traditional way of living. A simple portrait of their lives in total harmony with the enviroment that surrounds them.

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