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The Mathematician
By Julia Cybularz
Updated Jan 19, 2017
When I stepped into his mother’s row home in Northeast Philadelphia...
Philadelphia Conceptual, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Fine Art, Friends + Family, Health/Healing, Illness, Isolation, Joy, Longform, Multimedia, Obesity, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Relationships, Short Film, Yearning
Picture You, Picture Me
By Emer Gillespie
Updated Oct 26, 2010
  Picture you, Picture me Picture You, Picture Me  is a...
Children, Collaboration, Diptych, Disability, Family, Personal, Photography, Portrait
By Romina Hendlin
Updated Oct 19, 2011
Disability, Documentary, Hope, ING NYC MARATHON, Miranda, News, NYC, Photography, Photojournalism, Sports, Venezuela
Carmen And Lupita
By Annabel Clark
Updated Dec 14, 2011
My camera gives me courage.  It allows me to look at things that scare...
Children, Connecticut, Disability, Documentary, Family, Hope, Love, New Milford, Photography, USA, Youth
Autism Camp
By Erin Brethauer
Updated Dec 15, 2012
This ongoing series focuses on people with autism and was made over the...
Adolescence, Autism, Black Mountain, Camp, Candid, Children, Communication, Community, Disability, Editorial, Education, Environment, Environmental, Erin Brethauer, Health/Healing, Medium Format, Mixed Medium, North Carolina, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, USA
Love For Alyssa
By Jennifer Kaczmarek
Updated Dec 15, 2012
Love for Alyssa She was 5 years old and melted my heart. Determined to...
Activism, Adolescence, Advocate, Arthrogryposis, Children, Disability, Documentary, Family, FL, Love, Non Profit, Palm Coast, Personal, Photography, USA, Youth
The Afghan Syndrome
By Eric Michael Johnson
Updated Dec 16, 2012
I began the project 'The Afghan Syndrome' to reflect on the legacy of war...
Afghanistan, Combat, Disability, Documentary, Photography, Russia, Science, Soldiers, Veterans, War
By Dana Ullman
Updated Jan 06, 2016
"The system failed them before they even got to that point [prison]." -...
California United States Abandonment, Abuse, Activism, Africa, California, Civil Rights, Community, Corruption, Crime, Crime/Criminal Justice, Denmark, Disability, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Education, Epidemics, Europe, Family, Fear, Gangs, Gulu, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Immigration, Incarceration, Los Angeles, Mental Illness, Mukono, North America, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Prison, Prisoners, San Francisco, Sorrow, Uganda, United States, Usa, Women's Rights
Children Of Agent Orange
By Hiroko Tanaka
Updated Jan 20, 2013
Peace Village ward at Tu Du Hospital is home for surviving child victims of...
Agent Orange, Birth, Children, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Ho Chi Minh City, Illness, Mental Illness, Military, Orphans, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Pregnancy/Birth, Vietnam, Vietnam War, Weapons
Updated Sep 10, 2013
Untitled Portraits is a project about people.  Once more, this is a...
Abandonment, Beauty, Disability, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Loss, Mental Illness, Minority, Oppression, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Senior Citizens, Sorrow, Street
Butterfly Disease
By Ramin Mazur
Updated Sep 05, 2015
Epidermolysis bullosa, also called "butterfly disease", is a group of rare...
Moldova Children, Disability, Documentary, Illness
Summer At Camp Lakey Gap
By Erin Brethauer
Updated Jan 09, 2014
Camp Lakey Gap is a residential camp for people with autism located in Black...
Adolescence, Autism, Camp, Candid, Community, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Environmental, Happiness, Hope, IPhone, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Relationships, Summer, Underwater
One In Eight Hundred
By Mario Wezel
Updated Jan 09, 2014
After the implementation of prenatal screenings across all of Denmark in...
Abortion, Birth, Disability, Documentary, Family, Happiness, Photography, Photojournalism, Pregnancy/Birth
By Coleen Jose
Updated Aug 11, 2014
It is a rare experience when stairs, a structure built for function,...
Architecture, Civil Rights, Commute, Disability, Documentary, Human Rights, New York City, Photography, Photojournalism, Transportation, Universal Design
Halabja 1988-2013, The Legacy
By Antonio Zambardino
Updated Jan 10, 2014
I did not really know what to expect from my trip in Halabja. Colleagues who...
Birth, Blind, Cancer, Crime/Criminal Justice, Dictatorship, Disability, Discrimination/Minority, Dying/Death, Environment, Environmental, Genocide, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
Broken Screen
By Gaia Squarci
Updated Jan 29, 2016
“When you’re losing sight, the world starts to appear fragmented, like...
Abandonment, Arts, Birth, Blind, Community, Disability, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Editorial, Education, Emotion, Family, Fear, Health/Healing, Hope, Illness, Loss, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Privacy, Technology, Video, Workers' Rights
Pimlico Puffins
By Noela RoibáS Rodriguez
Updated Feb 06, 2014
I always feel that the float is the next closest thing to flying....
Disability, Documentary, Photography, Spirituality, Underwater
Blind Date | MAMA
By Catrine Val
Updated Mar 10, 2014
blind date | MAMA HD 6min.51 sec.| 2013   There seems to...
Adolescence, Civil Rights, Disability, Documentary, Environmental, Human Rights, Politics, Video
The Castle
By Svetlana Volodina
Updated Mar 28, 2014
    Prehistory of project.   The next day after...
Disability, Documentary, Dying/Death, Fear, Forest, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Mental Illness, Orphans, Photography, Privacy, Sexuality, Spirituality, Violence
Girl Anachronism
By Rocio De Alba
Updated Oct 18, 2018
G I R L  ...
New York Abandonment, Abstract, Aging, Arts, Belief, Birth, Children, Conceptual, Confrontation, Disability, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, Drug Abuse, Dying/Death, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Erotic, Family, Feminish, Fine Art, Forest, Friends + Family, Happiness, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Hope, Isolation, Joy, Landscape, Latin America, Lesbian, Loss, Love, Mental Illness, Mixed Medium, Multimedia, Nude, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Poverty, School/College, Sexuality, Sorrow, Spirituality, Women's Rights, Yearning, Youth
Two Hundred And Fifty
By Michael Santiago
Updated Aug 01, 2014
When Ken Shandy made the decision to start eating healthier he weighed 580...
Activism, Belief, Community, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Emotion, Faith, Food, Happiness, Health/Healing, Hope, Illness, Minority, Obesity, Photography, Photojournalism
We Are All The Free Army
By Maciej Moskwa/TESTIGO
Updated Oct 22, 2014
  Brothers. Fighters in the Free Syrian Army and wounded in...
Civil Wars, Dictatorship, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Illness, Islam, Love, Migration, Military, Militias, Photography, Photojournalism, Revolution, Sorrow, Veterans, War
Aging In Place
By Dana Ullman
Updated Jan 06, 2016
"First of all, you're alone...if you fall between the cracks and you're...
San Francisco, California Abandonment, Abuse, Aging, Community, Disability, Documentary, Emotion, Human Rights, Loss, Mental Illness, Multimedia, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, San Francisco, Senior Citizens
The Urban Cave
By Andrea Star Reese
Updated Jun 16, 2016
In October 2007 while shooting in the train tunnel I noticed smoke rising...
Documentary, Homelessness, Mental Illness, Photography, Photojournalism, Psychosocial Disability, Street
Living To Leave
By Carolina Arantes
Updated Mar 06, 2015
Life in elderly homes is often a sad and hard reality. It’s difficult for...
Aging, Community, Deaf, Disability, Documentary, Dying/Death, Emotion, Fear, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Mental Illness, Photojournalism, Senior Citizens
By Andrew Biraj
Updated Feb 02, 2015
“I saw my mother committed suicide in front of me. She was so frustrated...
Abandonment, Abuse, Adolescence, Birth, Children, Civil Rights, Community, Corruption, Crime, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Drug Abuse, Dying/Death, Editorial, Education, Faith, Family, Fear, Food, Freedom, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Hunger, Illness, Isolation, Loss, Love, Mental Illness, Minority, Oppression, Orphans, Personal, Photojournalism, Poverty, Pregnancy/Birth, School/College, Sorrow, Teens, Violence, War, Youth
The Sum And Its Parts - Ongoing
Updated Mar 05, 2015
|| Where  is that place? Somewhere, with a capital S. Th e place. A...
New York, Ny Alternative, Anatomy, Arts, Birth, Blood, Bones, Chlorophyll, Disability, Dream, Dreams, Dust, Dying/Death, Emotion, Energy, Entomology, Faith, Fine Art, Generations, Health/Healing, Hemoglobin, Hope, Human Rights, Humanity, Illness, Isolation, Mental Illness, Minority, Mixed Medium, Mortality, Mythology, Narrative, Personal, Psychiatric, Psychology, Science, Skeletal, Still Life, Story, Subconscious, Symbolism, Taxidermy, Texture, Tradition, Water
Ricchina's Wedding
By Lindsay Morris
Updated Jan 25, 2017
Ricchina’s Wedding This project documents the surprise...
America, Celebrations, Disability, Documentary, Faith, Family, Friends + Family, Happiness, Hope, Love, Motherhood, Parenting & Family, Photography, Photojournalism, Reporting, Spirituality, Wedding
Dakia Leper Colony
By Ingrid Halvorsen
Updated Feb 10, 2016
Kon Tum, central Vietnam, early 2015. This is Dakia leper colony. In...
Kon Tum, Vietnam Catholicism, Christianity, Community, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Health/Healing, Isolation, Leper Colony, Loss, Multimedia, Oppression, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Sickness, Vietnam
By Michael Webster
Updated Jul 04, 2016
My "Survivors" project is an attempt to let women who face...
United States Abandonment, Abuse, Aging, Beauty, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Feminism, Illness, Loss, Minority, Obesity, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Racism, Senior Citizens
About A Boy | Another (Extra)Ordinary Story
By Claudio Menna
Updated Aug 08, 2015
G. attends an Institute for people with visual and psycho-physical...
Naples Blind, Children, Disability, Documentary, Fear, Happiness, Health/Healing, Illness, Multimedia, Photojournalism
Abilities And Disabilities
By Ferran Garcia
Updated Nov 04, 2015
La Seu D'Urgell Abilities, Adolescence, Basketball, La Seu D'Urgell, Sedis Airam, Disability, Discrimination, Education, Emotion, Happiness, Health/Healing, Illness, Mental Illness, Minority, Personal, Photography, Sports, Youth
Being Emily...
By José Javier Delgado Esteban
Updated Jan 28, 2016
On the 22nd of January 2005 the non-identical twins Lorca Sebastian and Emily...
Norfolk Black And White, Children, Disability, Documentary, Family, Happiness, Joy, Love, Photography, Portraiture
Shifting Perspectives
By José Javier Delgado Esteban
Updated Jan 28, 2016
These portraits represent a sample of my contribution to the Shifting...
United Kingdom Black And White, Children, Disability, Photography, Portraiture
Suzanne, Living With PWS
By Peggy Ickenroth
Updated Apr 30, 2017
Shopping, going to a supermarket or going out for dinner are considered...
Black And White, Disability, Family, Happiness, Illness, Joy, Lifestyle, Mental Illness, Motherhood, Obesity, Parenting & Family, Photography, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Rear Disease, Teens, Youth
My Blue Days With F.
By Sabrina Merolla
Updated Apr 06, 2017
I first started showing symptoms of fibromyalgia and MCS while I was still...
China And Italy Autoimmune, Black And White, Candid, Civil Rights, Conceptual, Confrontation, Depression, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Environment, Fibromyalgia, Fine Art, Freedom, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Hypochondria, Illness, IPhone, Isolation, Italy, Joy, Limit, Loss, MCS, Mental Illness, Minority, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Pollution, Portraiture, Sorrow
WEED: The Story Of Charlotte's Tangled Web
By Jennifer Kaczmarek
Updated Sep 02, 2016
WEED: The Story of Charlotte’s Tangled Web centers on the lives of...
USA, Florida, Palm Coast Activism, Adolescence, Aging, Arts, Cancer, Capitalism, Children, Civil Rights, Community, Corruption, Disability, Documentary, Drug Abuse, Dying/Death, Editorial, Emotion, Faith, Family, Fear, Friends + Family, Health/Healing, HIV/AIDS, Hope, Human Rights, Illness, Loss, Love, Medical Marijuana, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Youth
Behind The Wall, Life Of The Sahrawi
By Peggy Ickenroth
Updated Mar 14, 2016
The Sahrawis are the original inhabitants of Western Sahara, a country at...
Tindouf, Algeria Abandonment, Children, Civil Rights, Civil Wars, Community, Desert, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Emotion, Freedom, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Landscape, Minority, Ongoing Conflict, Peace, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Protests, Sahrawi, Veterans, Weapons, Western Sahara
The International Autistic People Day - 1st April
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Apr 08, 2016
1st April - The international autistic people day in Šumperk. Activity of...
Czech Republic, ŠUmperk Children, Disability, Documentary, Emotion, Events, Happiness, Joy, Love, Mental Illness, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Street, Youth
Autistic Children
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated May 10, 2016
Autistic children - a girl and a boy with their assistants.
Czech Republic, ŠUmperk Children, Disability, Documentary, Emotion, Motherhood, Photography
She Who Found Grace
By Rocio De Alba
Updated May 21, 2018
S H E   W H O  ...
Middle Village New York Abandonment, Abstract, Abuse, Aging, Conceptual, Disability, Documentary, Dying/Death, Emotion, Erotic, Fear, Feminism, Fine Art, Freedom, Illness, Isolation, Love, Mental Illness, Motherhood, Multimedia, Nude, Peace, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Pregnancy/Birth, Sexuality, Short Film, Spirituality, Women's Rights
Suzanne - Video
By Peggy Ickenroth
Updated May 22, 2016
Suzanne, Living with Prader-Willi syndrome Shopping, going to a...
The Netherlands Black And White, Children, Confrontation, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Emotion, Family, Food, Happiness, Joy, Love, Mental Illness, Minority, Motherhood, Multimedia, Obesity, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Teens
The People's Health (Hiatus)
By Clary Estes
Updated May 23, 2016
The People's Health (Hiatus) China is a country of haves and have-nots. In...
Abandonment, Abortion, Adolescence, Affluence, Aging, Agriculture, Animals, Belief, Birth, Blind, Buddhism, Cancer, Children, Civil Rights, Community, Corruption, Deaf, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Dying/Death, Environmental, Faith, Family, Food, Globalization, Health/Healing, HIV/AIDS, Hope, Human Rights, Illness, Mental Illness, Migration, Minority, Pandemics, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Pregnancy/Birth, Religion, Senior Citizens, Spirituality, Travel
Blind Leading The Blind
By Clary Estes
Updated Jan 01, 2018
Koji Kobayashi is a deaf-blind man living in...
Nagoya, Japan Abandonment, Abstract, Action, Activism, Belief, Black And White, Blind, Buddhism, Civil Rights, Community, Conceptual, Deaf, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Dreams, Editorial, Emotion, Family, Fine Art, Freedom, Friends + Family, Happiness, Health/Healing, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Loss, Mental Illness, Multimedia, Personal, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Revolution, Senior Citizens, Sorrow
Therapy Through The Arts
By Simon Narborough
Updated Oct 05, 2016
Zylofone.org and The WallKill River School of Art have been collaborating on...
Montgomery,Ny Adolescence, Arts, Autism, Children, Community, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Education, Family, Happiness, Health/Healing, Mental Illness, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, School/College, Teens, Youth
Victims & Heroes
By Eduardo Leal
Updated Jul 14, 2016
Colombia’s armed conflict, which started in the 1960’s, might be close...
Colombia Blind, Civil Wars, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Latin America, Paralympics, Peace, Photography, Sports, Victims
By Simon Andrew MacArthur
Updated Jul 16, 2016
A glimpse inside a home for the aged in the UK. Many of the men were retired...
Abandonment, Aging, Black And White, Blind, Community, Deaf, Disability, Documentary, Dotage, Dying/Death, Editorial, Emotion, Environment, Environmental, Family, Health/Healing, Homelessness, Loss, Mental Illness, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Privacy, Retirement, Senescence, Stroke
Gypsy Soul
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Mar 03, 2017
My photos are from the Gypsy International Day celebration in Olomouc (April...
Czech Republic, Olomouc Adolescence, Arts, Beauty, Belief, Celebrations, Children, Christianity, Community, Disability, Documentary, Emotion, Events, Family, Freedom, Happiness, Joy, Minority, Motherhood, Photography, Photojournalism, Religion, Spirituality, Youth
MSF Hospital, Jordan
By Craig Stennett
Updated Sep 04, 2016
Sat peacefully on a hillside in the North East district of Marka within the...
Amman, Jordan. Civil Wars, Combat, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Health/Healing, Photography, Photojournalism
Faces Of Disabilities
By Ulrik Tofte
Updated Sep 29, 2016
The project tries to challenge our perception of the normal  body. With...
Arts, Disability, Nude, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Senior Citizens
Homeless Voters
By Annabel Clark
Updated Oct 19, 2016
Over the last year, west coast cities Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and the...
Portland, Oregon And Seattle, Washington Activism, Disability, Discrimination, Documentary, Editorial, Elections, Homelessness, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Portraiture, Poverty, Racism, Transgender, Women's Rights
Sheroes - After The Acid Attack
By Federico Borella
Updated Nov 01, 2016
The Sheroes Hangout Cafe is not a place like any other. It’s unique in the...
Agra, India Abuse, Activism, Community, Disability, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Editorial, Freedom, Human Rights, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Teens, Violence, Women's Rights, Youth
The Enduring Life Of A Quad Amputee Veteran
By Federico Borella
Updated Nov 01, 2016
March 26 th 2010. Cpl. Todd Nicely, 26, was leading a patrol in Lakari,...
Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri USA Black And White, Borella, Contemporary Issue, Disability, Documentary, Federico Borella, Federicoborella, Hope, Illness, Military, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Soldiers, Veterans, War
By Julia Cybularz
Updated Oct 28, 2016
Philadelphia Adolescence, Arts, Children, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Fine Art, Friends + Family, Health/Healing, Illness, Multimedia, Photography, Portraiture, Short Film, Sorrow, Teens, Women's Rights, Youth
By Tom Sperduto
Updated Nov 06, 2016
PTSD Photography Project. 
Abandonment, Abuse, Animals, Beauty, Belief, Black And White, Buddhism, Christianity, Combat, Confrontation, Disability, Domestic Violence, Dreams, Dying/Death, Emotion, Faith, Fear, Fine Art, Hinduism, Hope, Hunger, Illness, Isolation, Landscape, Loss, Love, Mental Illness, Military, Personal, Photography, Portraiture, Religion, Soldiers, Sorrow, Spirituality, Veterans, Violence, War, Yearning
A Unique World
By Jessica Phelps
Updated Nov 18, 2016
When Phoenix Lucterhand is happy, there’s no question that she’s filled...
Autism, Black And White, Disability, Documentary, Family, Photography, Photojournalism, Youth
Sandwiched In
By Jessica Phelps
Updated Nov 18, 2016
Aging, Dementia, Disability, Documentary, Dying/Death, Health/Healing, Mental Illness, Photography, Photojournalism, Senior Citizens
People Hurrying Home From Work Or School
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Dec 09, 2016
Photos taken in the park in front of the Main Railway Station in Prague...
Czech Republic, Prague Adolescence, Aging, Animals, Community, Disability, Documentary, Emotion, Energy, Gender, Happiness, Homelessness, Joy, Love, Obesity, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Senior Citizens, Street, Teens, Youth
Tucked Away
By J. Espinosa
Updated Apr 12, 2017
"Tucked Away" began in 2016 in the Bronx, New York...
Bronx, New York Disability, Documentary, Mental Illness, Photography
Gunfire To Guitars - VStory
By Simon Narborough
Updated Feb 07, 2017
GUNS TO GUITARS A short video story on how one group of Veterans in...
Candid, Combat, Community, Disability, Documentary, Editorial, Emotion, Fear, Freedom, Health/Healing, Hope, Mental Illness, Military, Music, Photojournalism, Short Film, Soldiers, Veterans, War
Down Syndrome-Beyond Prejudice
By Andriana Mereuta
Updated May 01, 2017
Synopsis: The first person that I ever came across with Down Syndrome...
Oaxaca, Mexico Adolescence, Children, Community, Disability, Discrimination, Down Syndrome, Emotion, Family, Health/Healing, Hope, Latin America, Lifestyle, Love, Relationships, School/College, Teens, Youth
By Jason Houston
Updated Apr 23, 2018
15-Year Image Library with Calendar and Book Commissions for Green Chimneys...
Brewster, New York Animals, Children, Disability, Education, Photography, Portraiture
Fish Harvesting
By Lenka Hoffmannova
Updated Oct 29, 2018
There are a lot of ponds in the Czech Republic because Czech people mostly...
ŠUmvald Agriculture, Beauty, Business, Documentary, Environment, Food, Happiness, Lifestyle, Photography, Photojournalism, Water
The Bridge
By Aviva Klein
Updated Nov 30, 2018
In 2017, I was commissioned by The Bridge to document their clients. The...
Ny Abandonment, Aging, Agriculture, Community, Disability, Documentary, Drug Abuse, Editorial, Emotion, Energy, Environment, Essays, Food, Homelessness, Hope, Hunger, Isolation, Lonliness, Mental Illness, Minority, New York, New York City, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Senior Citizens, Teens, Veterans