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Tags:"Discrimination Minority"

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Fences Apart
By Tammy Law
Updated Dec 26, 2010
A year long investigation, exploring the relationships between neighbours...
Art, Australia, Brisbane, Children, Community, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Globalization, Immigration, Migration, Photography, Photojournalism, QLD
Women Lightscape (Serie)
By Herve All
Updated Sep 27, 2011
When I was twelve, I experienced dematerialization of my body during an...
Art, Brooklyn, Canada, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Dreams/Subconscious, England, France, Incarceration, Lyon, New York, Nude, Paris, Photography, Religion, Sexuality, Spirituality, Suisse, Women, Women's Rights
Kansas Beef
By Piotr Malecki
Updated Dec 13, 2011
In America, meat is big business. The meat and poultry industry is the...
Beef Production, Cattle, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Dodge City, Editorial, Environment, Human Rights, Immigration, Meat, Meatpacking, Midwest, Multimedia, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Video, Workers' Rights
In Memory Of Trayvon Martin
By Juliet Frey
Updated Mar 26, 2012
This demonstration of 100+ people took place in Bloomington, Indiana,...
Civil Rights, Community, Crime/Criminal Justice, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Human Rights, Photography, Protests, Sorrow
By Brigitte Grignet
Updated Oct 21, 2018
The sound of the muezzin at four am. Some sheep grazing in the meager fields...
Palestine, The Occupied Territories, Israel Conflict, Conflict Zone, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Gaza, Human Rights, Israel, Nablus, Occupied Territories, Palestine, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Religion, Tubas, West Bank
No, Madam
By Natalie Naccache
Updated Dec 13, 2012
There are currently 200,000 migrant domestic workers in Lebanon todayin a...
Beirut, Discrimination/Minority, Human Rights, Personal, Rape
Fully Jewish Fully Chinese
By Jason Jia
Updated Dec 15, 2012
Project Synopsis: This project  documents  the daily lives...
Kaifeng Belief, China, Community, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Editorial, Family, Human Rights, Immigration, Israel, Jerusalem, Judaism, Kaifeng, Migration, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Racism, Religion, Spirituality
The Neverending Story
By Massimo Barberio
Updated Jul 08, 2013
The Neverending Story – South Antifa It’s been almost 3 years...
Activism, Antifascist, Civil Rights, Community, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Editorial, Homelessness, Human Rights, Immigration, Italy, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Revolution, Youth
By Dana Ullman
Updated Jan 06, 2016
"The system failed them before they even got to that point [prison]." -...
California United States Abandonment, Abuse, Activism, Africa, California, Civil Rights, Community, Corruption, Crime, Crime/Criminal Justice, Denmark, Disability, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Education, Epidemics, Europe, Family, Fear, Gangs, Gulu, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Immigration, Incarceration, Los Angeles, Mental Illness, Mukono, North America, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Prison, Prisoners, San Francisco, Sorrow, Uganda, United States, Usa, Women's Rights
The Gilded Age
By Greg Brophy
Updated Feb 05, 2013
A series of photos taken with film from the Impossible Project. The photos...
Capitalism, Copper, Corruption, Discrimination/Minority, Fine Art, Globalization, Gold, Human Rights, Impossible Project, Mixed Medium, New York, Photography, Polaroid, Workers' Rights
The Last Mine
By Oriol Clavera
Updated Feb 06, 2013
March 2011. Manol, Jesús, Benjamí and Juan Antonio are the last workers at...
SeròS Abandonment, Capitalism, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Editorial, Environment, Globalization, Human Rights, Industrial, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Workers' Rights
The Sami Way
By Elisa Ferrari
Updated Sep 02, 2013
In September of 2012, I left my home in Austin, Texas to spend the next...
Activism, Agriculture, Arctic Circle, Capitalism, Community, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Energy, Environment, Environmental, Globalization, Green Energy And Wind Farms, Human Rights, Human Rights Violations, Indigenous Cultures, Jokkmokk, Landscape, Mining, Minority, Northern Sweden, Oppression, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Protests, Sami Reindeer Herders, Sapmi, Sweden, Technology
Updated Aug 11, 2013
Manifesto is a sketch, in the perspective of being a project that is not...
Activism, Belief, Capitalism, Civil Rights, Confrontation, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Editorial, Events, Faith, Forest, Globalization, LISBOA, LISBON, Photography, Photojournalism, PORTUGAL, Protests, Revolution, Street, Workers' Rights
Updated Sep 10, 2013
Untitled Portraits is a project about people.  Once more, this is a...
Abandonment, Beauty, Disability, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Homelessness, Hope, Human Rights, Isolation, Loss, Mental Illness, Minority, Oppression, Personal, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Senior Citizens, Sorrow, Street
Women & Crisis - San Salvario
By Emanuela Colombo
Updated Dec 03, 2013
Women and the Crisis -  The case of “San Salvario”...
Activism, Civil Rights, Confrontation, Crisis, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Education, Family, Hope, Immigration, Italy, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Torin, Women
By Gregory Michenaud
Updated Jul 17, 2017
For all the years of politically forced amnesia, that have passed since the...
Community, Discrimination/Minority, Family, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Poland, Portraiture, Religion
Borderland. Gangs Of Cape Town
By Gianmarco Panucci
Updated Jan 07, 2014
Borderland is an on going project, a moment of inquiry and awareness about...
Borderland, Cape Town, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Gangs, Human Rights, Photography, Photojournalism, South Africa, Violence
The Little Nomads
By A J Ghani
Updated Jan 09, 2014
In the context of a developing country, the term Street Children has been...
A J Ghani, Bangladesh, Street Children, Invisible Kid, Street, Children, Train, Portrait ,, Children, Community, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Human Rights, Orphans, Personal, Photography, Poverty, Street Children Dhaka
Path Breaking Move
By Andrea De Franciscis
Updated Jan 10, 2014
This year, for the first time, the widows of Vrindavan played Holi, the...
Abandonment, Aging, Celebration, Civil Rights, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Faith, Religion, Women's Rights
Halabja 1988-2013, The Legacy
By Antonio Zambardino
Updated Jan 10, 2014
I did not really know what to expect from my trip in Halabja. Colleagues who...
Birth, Blind, Cancer, Crime/Criminal Justice, Dictatorship, Disability, Discrimination/Minority, Dying/Death, Environment, Environmental, Genocide, Landscape, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture
By Jeppe BøJe Nielsen
Updated Jan 28, 2014
I was researching online, in order to do a short story in New York City,...
Abandonment, Adolescence, Community, Discrimination/Minority, Drug Abuse, Editorial, Education, Gay, Gay Rights, Homelessness, Lesbian, Mental Illness, Minority, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Poverty, Sexuality, Teens, Transgender, Women's Rights, Youth
Rising Up From The Bottoms
By Jessica Phelps
Updated Jul 14, 2014
There is rawness to life in Franklinton, infamously known as the Bottoms....
Children, Discrimination/Minority, Documentary, Drug Abuse, Faith, Homelessness, Photography, Photojournalism, Poverty, Prostitution