Satyaki Ghosh

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Location: Mumbai, Maharastra, India
Nationality: Indian
Biography:   Satyaki Ghosh is a self-schooled photographer based in Mumbai, India. People photography is his passion.  Satyaki was born in a middle class Bengali family in an old British colonial city Kolkata to the renowned photographer Nemai Ghosh who... read on
Public Project
Tribute to the God of Cricket
Credits: satyaki ghosh
Updated: 11/25/13

On November the 13th, at midnight I received a phone call from my brother colleague. He offered me a ticket for the 1st day play of Sachin’s 200th Test Match.It was the god gifted luck and I immediately grabbed the opportunity. However I had a commitment to honour the next day morning. So I decided to go to the match post lunch. Next day West Indies were put to bat and my all enthusiasm fizzled out. Still I was keeping track of the game through my assistant. When my meeting was over Windies were 8 down. Now there was a likely hood of Sachin coming to bat because a couple of hour game was still there. I rush to the stadium. My ticket was of the Tendulkar Stand. I felt privileged and fortunate to watch Sachin from his own stand rather than any where even from the Club House. I was carrying my Leica X2 with me as usual. I was dutyfully objected to enter by the security on account of carrying camera. But a senior officer of the Mumbai Police at gate no 4 saw my face and my camera and kindly allowed me and even showed the way to the stand.  Thanks to my Leica and good luck which did the trick. I was fortunate to watch the Great Master. Here are a few images I captured of the fanatism & ecstasy of the 1st day of the match. It is my humble tribute to the GOD OF THE GAME.         


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