José Sarmento Matos

Manila Before Duterte
Location: Lisbon
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography:          Born in Sintra (Portugal) in 1988, José Sarmento Matos, is a Portuguese documentary photographer based in London and a Leica Ambassador. In December 2014 he completed an MA in Photojournalism and... read on
Public Story
Manila Before Duterte
Credits: josé sarmento matos
Date of Work: 03/01/16 - 04/30/16
Updated: 05/19/18
Archived as: 
This is an essay made in March through April, 2016 in the Philippines called “Manila Before Duterte” as it was made just before Rodrigo Duterte became president in June of that year. Since he was elected, and after the Philippine Drug War started, which has resulted in the deaths of thousands, the social landscape of this city has changed significantly.

This photo essay was featured in The New Yorker Photo. For a week in May 2018 I took over New Yorker´s photography instagram with this essay.

By José Sarmento Matos —

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