José Sarmento Matos

In Between
Location: Lisbon
Nationality: Portuguese
Biography:          Born in Sintra (Portugal) in 1988, José Sarmento Matos, is a Portuguese documentary photographer based in London and a Leica Ambassador. In December 2014 he completed an MA in Photojournalism and... read on
Public Story
In Between
Credits: josé sarmento matos
Date of Work: 11/01/13 - Ongoing
Updated: 04/25/18
“In between” my documentary work, assignments, teaching and any photography work, this series is about what intrigues me on my travels, on my commutes, on my day to day life. It’s about what I find fascinating around us and at the same time the simplicity that surrounds us. The mundane situations, daily and ordinary life. 

This is a series I will be shooting on a very long term, hopefully my entire life. 

By José Sarmento Matos —

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