Sarah Rice

When a Whale Dies
Location: Portland, Maine
Nationality: USA
Biography:     Sarah Rice is a documentary photographer interested in exploring the elements that bind human beings to one another. Some of her work focuses on communities of individuals content to live apart from mainstream society; the choices... read on
Public Story
When a Whale Dies
Credits: sarah rice
Date of Work: 04/05/70 - 02/17/70
Updated: 04/10/17
It is a fact of nature that everything dies.  When a whale dies, in most cases, there is no one around to witness.  Every once in awhile, though, a whale beaches itself before it dies, or an already-dead whale washes up on a beach. Then the scientific community has a chance to learn from the whale, and the general public has the opportunity to witness such a large creature up close and in person.  

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