Sarah Rice

What We Need Is Here
Location: Portland, Maine
Nationality: USA
Biography:     Sarah Rice is a documentary photographer interested in exploring the elements that bind human beings to one another. Some of her work focuses on communities of individuals content to live apart from mainstream society; the choices... read on
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What We Need Is Here
Credits: sarah rice
Updated: 03/21/17

This work is called What We Need Is Here.  The title comes from a Wendell Berry poem, who I read a lot of when I'm in Virginia.  We’re all there to see what happens when constraints are lifted, and we can really expand some part of ourselves.  Whether that part is photography, or farming, anarchy, or independence. 

The commune members tell me these photographs capture what it feels like to live there, and that is the goal. With all of my work I try to build a bridge to create connection between the subject and viewer, all while documenting connection.  My hope is that if I can make you feel what the communards feel, even for a second, you’ll be a little closer to someone you perhaps thought you had nothing in common with.  

And so I continue go go back and make pictures.  After six years some there are just opening up to me, and intimate photos that I couldn’t have made even two years ago are now possible.  In that time who knows what will happen with the political situation in this country, but I have a feeling a lot more disillusioned youth will be looking for other models of living, which this commune happily provides.  


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