Sarah Rice

Mama Hope
Location: Portland, Maine
Nationality: USA
Biography:     Sarah Rice is a documentary photographer interested in exploring the elements that bind human beings to one another. Some of her work focuses on communities of individuals content to live apart from mainstream society; the choices... read on
Public Story
Mama Hope
Credits: sarah rice
Updated: 02/19/16
Location: Chiga, Kenya
Archived as: 
The 10,000 inhabitants of Chiga Village in Kenya were getting their water from a polluted river when I arrived. The women made the long journey by foot in the morning, bringing water for cooking, drinking, and cleaning.  There was no irrigation for farming, and thus no food sustainability.  The water was unclean, and locals, especially children, were constantly sick. This is the story of water in Chiga Village, and along with that water, hope - for food sustainability, and health.  I left after the well was completed.  Chiga now has a tap of clean water where locals can walk to for their water needs, and it is located in a field where they will now be able to grow food year-round to sustain the village.  It's a very simple thing, a well, but an expensive thing that was out of the reach of this village until now. They have ownership of the well - actual as well as mental and emotional.  They came together as a community to decide that was the biggest priority, and they did all the work to make it happen.  This is the core of Mama Hope.  One woman started the non-profit when she saw her mother was having more success on her own than her daughter working at the UN.  So she travels to remote areas, sits with locals, and asks what they need.  She fundraises then hands the money over for the community to take charge of the project.  Their slogan is "Stop The Pity", and they work through empowerment.    

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