Sarah Leen

Editor . Teacher . Curator . Founder
The Visual Thinking Collective
Location: Washington DC
Nationality: American
Biography: In 2019, Sarah Leen founded The Visual Thinking Collective as a community for independent photo editors, teachers and visual managers to serve photographers, media, art and academic institutions, NGOs, and corporate clients in telling their... read on
A Photographer Documents the Evolution of Taxidermy
sarah leen
Aug 21, 2015

I first became interested in taxidermy when I was a child, after seeing a photograph in an old Life magazine of the last passenger pigeon, Martha, who died in 1914. It was the first time I had encountered the idea of extinction so directly. I was terribly saddened by this discovery that an entire species could disappear. Martha was preserved and now resides at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. This led me to see taxidermy as a way to encounter the past and see the beauty of what has been lost.

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