Sarah Bachinger

Documentary Photographer | Photojournalist | Cultural Explorer / Based in New York

Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Journalist, Street Art, Researcher, Travel, Still Life, Fine Art, Environment, Science, Documentary, Multimedia, Photo Editor, Photography, Portraiture, Lifestyle, Events, Conceptual, Art, Culture, Director of Photography, International News, Arts & Culture, Civil Rights and Social Inequality, Humanitarian, Life, Assignments, Conservationist, Explorer, Human Rights, Investigation, International, Artist, Multidisciplinary Artist, Multimedia Journalist, Editorial, Photo Shoots, Storyteller, Climate, Political Journalism, Arts Journalism, Lifestyle Journalism, Digital Journalism, Special Projects, Environmental Stories, International Stories, Wildlife, Wildspaces, Conservation, Community, Sustainable Travel, Outdoor adventure, Still Photographer, Studio Photographer, Digital Media, Content Creation, Digital Media Production, Landscape, Portrait Photography, Policy Change, Social Justice
Skills: Research, Audio Recording, Color Correction, Adobe Illustrator, Apple Final Cut Pro, Photo Editing, Web Design, Art Direction, Photojournalism, Web Development, Arts Journalism, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop