Last stop Santiago
Location: Italy
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Rossella Santosuosso is a Freelance and Documentary photographer based in Italy. She works for newspapers and magazines, follows the news and develops personal projects. She studied environmental protection and attended an environmental... read on
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Last stop Santiago
Credits: rossella santosuosso
Date of Work: 07/01/18 - 08/31/18
Updated: 10/31/19
In this period we have talked about paths, the presences registered on the routes are in clear ascent, whatever age you have, to whatever social class you belong, the idea of ​​starting backpacking and walking no longer seems madness , but the most normal thing about the way.
It is the latest fad regarding travel, thanks to the low cost, the opportunity to meet different people, the environmental aspect, the psychological aspect, etc.

Throughout the world it is known that the Way par excellence is Santiago.
We traveled it last summer, for all around 800 km, collecting photos and testimonies of people who have often left from far away or people who have lived and worked on this road for years and are part of it.
The older ones, the ones who helped create it, are disappearing (like Antonio Bello el Alchimista), and there is a risk that the authenticity of the path, still very rooted in the first part of the journey, will soon be replaced by folklore that has as the only goal to nurture this huge business, which is very visible in the second part.

"Buen Camino!"
These are the words you will hear most often on the Camino de Santiago.
It is the greeting, the exchange of a wish among pilgrims, and also the desire that your steps will take you where you want, because everyone has Santiago as their destination, but everyone will get there in a different way, reaching at the same time a place within themselves.
Everyone is looking for something, even if they don't know it.
It is difficult for the Camino to change your life, but it will certainly change the perspective from which you look at it.
Whatever the purpose for which you begin to walk, it will leave you something, and it is very likely that you will walk again.
I (photographer) and Federico (journalist) traveled from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela in 31 days, we traveled through many places and met many people. We talked to many of them and listened to incredible stories, normal stories, touching stories.




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