The Guardians of the Mountains
Location: Bologna
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Rossella Santosuosso is a Freelance and Documentary photographer based in Italy. She works for newspapers and magazines, follows the news and develops personal projects. She studied environmental protection and attended an environmental... read on
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The Guardians of the Mountains
rossella santosuosso
Oct 31, 2019
Location: dolomiti
Like cathedrals in the desert, high mountain refuges often arise in inhospitable places far from the world. Extreme altitudes and difficult access routes make the procurement of any resource complicated.
Managing them is difficult, water, electricity, food, they must be rationed and sometimes with bad weather you can risk being isolated for days. But these structures, some of which have existed for more than 100 years, are indispensable to allow hikers to complete their businesses, to find shelter from rain and cold, to rest after a long climb and feel welcomed and protected. The commonplace that opens the door to a shelter welcomes you to a big, grumpy mountain man who has now been debunked.
Smiles, kindness and many women who have made the mountain a lifestyle choice, that's what you can find at high altitude.