Cinthya Santos-Briones

Documentary Photographer
Living in Sanctuary
Location: New York City
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Cinthya Santos Briones, is a Mexican photographer, anthropologist, ethnohistorian and community organizer based in New York. Her multimedia work uses a collaborative approach to tell stories about homeland, immigration, memory, identity and... read on
Public Story
Living in Sanctuary
Credits: cinthya santos-briones
Date of Work: 01/17/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 04/12/20
Location: new york

Living in Sanctuary, explores the links between the migration crisis and religious solidarity, the intersection across religion and politics and, how religious leaders, faith communities, migrants, and refugee families are transforming sacred spaces, redefining concepts such as hospitality, refuge, citizenship, spirituality, faith, asylum, morality, and justice. Through a series of photos, texts, drawings, video and audio interviews with religious leaders and immigrants, we see how the criminalization and persecution of migrants is changing the role of faith leaders, their institutions and communities. Using archives on the history of the 1980s sanctuary movement, the project  contextualize this moment within the longer legacy of faith-based resistance movements.