Marilyn Santiago

The longest Chistmas in the world are here in PR
Location: Puerto RIco
Nationality: American
Biography: All my free time, I spend with my cameras wandering around. Photojournalism Diploma from New York Institute of Photography.  I love meeting people and listening to their stories. Human experience, the greatest story there is.
Public Story
The longest Chistmas in the world are here in PR
Credits: marilyn santiago
Date of Work: 11/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated: 12/08/19
Location: Puerto Rico
   They happen here, in our little 100 x 35. Out island might be small, but our spirit is immense, festive, loud and resilient. Now hold on, this is just the beginning! They start before Thanksgiving and end almost in February.
   Now, you have to understand, we live in PR, here there is no snow, not even extreme cold (except for some towns in the mountains at night sometimes) nothing compared to the rest of the world. The snow is fake, but for them is real, as real as it will get for most. Christmas and Innocence are a beautiful thing to uphold.

By Marilyn Santiago —

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