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Christopher Rubey

Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor @ Owner - Chris Rubey Photography / Based in Guadalajara, Mexico

chrisrubey91@gmail.com (US) +1 925 286 1611 (Mexico) +52 415 114 8615 IG: chris_rubey   Christopher Rubey is a photographer, cinematographer, editor, musician, composer, & landscape architect based in San Miguel de Allende,... read on
Focus: Photographer, Photojournalist, Filmmaker, Journalist, Editor, Curator, Director, Writer, Videographer, Researcher, Politics, Travel, Video Editor, Fashion, Fine Art, Environment, Architecture, Luxury, Documentary, Multimedia, News, Creative, Video, Film, Photo Editor, Creative Director, Photography, Portraiture, Stock, Lifestyle, Conceptual, Art, Culture, Director of Photography, Social Media Editor, Visuals Editor, International News, Foreign Desk, Arts & Culture, Freelance, Humanitarian, Life, Assignments, Commercial, Teacher, Aerial
Skills: Research, Translator, Digital Printing, Sports, Lighting Tech, Audio Recording, Photo Assisting, Cataloging, Color Correction, Adobe Premier, Photo Editing, Storyboarding, Mixed Media, Multimedia Production, Photojournalism, Retouching, Video Editing, Visual Effects
       | www.chrisrubey.com
Clients: Marie Claire