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Influencers in the Wild
Location: Bloomington, IN, USA
Nationality: American
Biography: BIOGRAPHY: Kathryn Coers Rossman (website: kathryncoersrossman.com, email: hello@kathryncoersrossman.com, insta: @kathryncoersrossman) is a conceptual photographer and creative director in Bloomington, IN, USA. She studied modernism, literature... MORE
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Influencers in the Wild
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Updated May 2023
Topics Fashion, Personal Projects, Photography, Portraiture
Fire hues, showbiz boldness and leo vibes are used to explore themes of arrogance, courage, stubbornness, self-absorption and vanity. Location photography was shot at the Water World car wash and Hometown IGA in Ellettsville, IN. Somewhat ironically, somewhat seriously exploring the theme: Influencers in the Wild, we shot at everyday locations in small town America. We did a full scale fashion shoot at the car wash while customers used long hoses to vacuum out their vehicles. And at the supermarket, as Paige posed in the dairy aisle, a busy shopper sighed and grumbled, "I just want to buy some milk." Many photos were covertly shot from the hip (under Kathryn's coat). We kept the harsh grocery store lighting believing that the fluorescents had a gritty, glamorous feel. Our creative portraiture includes trinkets and tchotchkes designed to empower. Women hold onto objects to embody and absorb an associated spiritiual significance. These objects function as an emblem. This collection investigates the ways women gather and express power by cultivating an image. We took traditionally domestic spaces (the grocery) and locations associated with chores (the carwash) and utilized them as places of female empowerment. We also utilized the car wash, commonly seen as a space of female sexualization, as a space of female force and potential.

Photographer: Kathryn Coers Rossman (insta: @kathryncoersrossman, website: kathryncoersrossman.com)
Creative Direction: Kathryn Coers Rossman
Models: Paige Perkins (insta: @thepaigeperkins)
Hair & Makeup: Paige Perkins
Wardrobe: Kathryn Coers Rossman and Paige Perkins
*All clothing is thrifted.

About Us: We are a creative team. Paige is a barista, model and painter.

Kathryn is a fine art and editorial photographer with a current exhibition at High Frequency Arts in Fishers, IN. Kathryn has Turner Syndrome, which dramatically impacts her health. For more information about Kathryn's work, including her bio and artist statement, please see: kathryncoersrossman.com.

Paige is a barista, model and painter. Her solo exhibition "Perspective" just wrapped at Artisan Alley in Bloomington, IN. Paige is a nonbinary lesbian.

Kathryn's "The Majorette" (2022), featuring Paige, was included in Cerulean: A Winter Photography Exhibit by Pattern Magazine.
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Kathryn Coers Rossman / Bloomington, IN, USA

Eric Agyemang-Dua, Artist for Bloom Magazine

Kathryn Coers Rossman / Bloomington, IN, USA

Henry Leck, President, Arts Alliance for Bloom Magazine

Kathryn Coers Rossman / Bloomington, IN, USA

Addison Rogers, Correspondence Club of Bloomington, IN, USA for Bloom Magazine

Kathryn Coers Rossman / Bloomington, IN, USA
Influencers in the Wild by Kathryn Coers Rossman
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