Rosem Morton

Location: Baltimore
Nationality: Philippines
Biography: Rosem Morton  is a documentary photographer transitioning from nearly a decade long career as a surgical nurse. Her storytelling focuses on the intimacy of everyday life amidst gender, health, and racial adversity. As a National Geographic... read on
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on CNN: I was raped and broken. So I picked up my camera
rosem morton
Jul 12, 2019
Editor’s note: Rosem Morton is a photographer and nurse based in Baltimore. The views expressed here are hers. Read more opinions on CNN.
Photo editors: Brett Roegiers and Bernadette Tuazon

After I was raped, the days felt never-ending. It felt like I was clawing myself out of a deep pit, choking, starving, dying. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t work. I was existing in a space where panic attacks were frequent and unpredictable. Where is safety? What is safe? I was overwhelmed and terrified. The feeling was too much and I needed to take the edge off.

In trying to make sense of my experience, I picked up my camera and started shooting.

I photographed everything from what I was seeing to what was happening to how I was feeling. I felt like every survivor out there. If there was not enough proof, it did not happen. I kept photographing my proof. The proof of my struggle, of my survival. I learned to process through the lens of a camera. The work transformed itself into an expression of my silenced sorrows and pain.

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I was raped and broken. So I picked up my camera
Rosem Morton was raped one year ago on July 15. She turned to photography to help her process her pain and regain her voice.