Remon Haazen

Urban Roof Farming
Location: Paris France
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Remon Haazen is a Dutch photographer based in Paris. His stories reflect his own doubts, interests and worries about contemporary life. E-mail: Tel: +33 (0) 766309996
Public Story
Urban Roof Farming
Urban roof farming in Paris

The brand new building in Paris’15th arrondissement is used for exhibitions and conventions all year long but some visitors will be utterly unaware of what happens right above them. There are plants slowly bearing fruit on the roof of the building. On top of pavilion 6 of the Paris Expo, vegetables and fruit are grown on a scale that is most certainly impressive. Strawberries, tomatoes and 33 other varieties of vegetables and fruit are grown here. And large it is, all 14.000 square meters of it. The equivalent of 2 football fields.  It will be Europe's largest aeroponics farm when the entire space is optimised for farming. Aeroponics is a technique where the roots are not grown in soil but in the open air in closed vertical columns.  Water combined with a nutrient solution is passed through these cylinders, reducing water spillage to a minimum and recycling 90% of it. One vertical column contains 52 plants and to be able to cultivate the same amount of plants on the ground would require considerably more space and resources.  The farm known as “Nature Urbaine” is the brain child of Pascal Hardy, president of Agropolis, an agricultural consultancy firm. Hardy, emphasises that the roof farms wil not be able to completely feed the entire Parisian population but estimates that it could take a market share of 5 to 10%. Apart from growing produce, Mr Hardy sees the concept as a way to educate the public and the need to produce locally without pesticides. 

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