Remon Haazen

Strong Protan
Location: Paris France
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Remon Haazen is a Dutch photographer based in Paris. His stories reflect his own doubts, interests and worries about contemporary life. E-mail: Tel: +33 (0) 766309996
Public Story
Strong Protan
Copyright remon haazen 2021
Updated 03/21/21
Location Paris

I know that I am colour blind since I was young. The coloured balls in the circle never seemed to make much sense let alone a number. My mum could not make much sense out of it as well. She went with me on these visites to the school doctor, compulsory as the were, and be baffled just as I was by the sheets with coloured balls the doctor held up in the air. Nothing would annoy her more than saying that she was colour blind. It infuriated her. My mother used to make her own clothes and she prided herself on always coming back with the right colour fabric or threads. The colours she used for her clothing were always muted, subtile, and balanced, never screaming or delusional.  

When I started photography I worked in black and white and developed and printed my own film.  I mastered this well whereas colour film and especially printing it remained an experience I stayed well away from. Digital obviously changed all that. Digital cameras are very good in representing pretty accurate colour. Even though setting the wrong white balance can make a picture look ridiculous and I have done exactly that on many occasions.

The photographs in this series are all taken in Paris. I ventured out and shot what captured my attention. Brash vivid colours became a theme because they attract my attention. 

Here is the conclusion of an online test I took recently: “You have Strong Protan colour blindness, a type of red-green color blindness. Orange, red, and yellow look greener and colours are dull. People with red-green colour-blindness make up 4% of the world’s population. Among the colour blind population 25% have Protan colour blindness like you.”


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