Remon Haazen

Location: Paris France
Nationality: Dutch
Biography: Remon Haazen is a photographer. His stories reflect his own doubts, interests and worries about contemporary life. E-mail: Tel: +33 (0) 766309996
Fin de route pour les Identitaires
remon haazen
Mar 26, 2021
Location: Paris
This week in Le Parisien weekend. An investigation into, the now disbanded, extreme right wing group, Generation Identitaire.

Members and supporters of the extreme French right wing organisation, Génération identitaire, protest in Paris against the dissolution of the organisation by the French interior minister, Gerard Darmanin. According to the minister, Génération identitaire promulgates hatred, violence and racial discrimination and acts as a private militia. During the protest scuffles broke out between left wing antifa members.

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Nice spread in last weeks's print Guardian and Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine of my photo of protests in Paris against pension reform.

Remon Haazen / Paris, France

A compilation of some of the published images from protests in Paris against the Islamic regime in Iran

Remon Haazen / Paris
Fin de route pour les Identitaires by Remon Haazen
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