Mohamed Reefi

Recycle life
Location: Gaza
Nationality: Palestinian
Biography: As a young Palestinian photographer and filmmaker, I try to invoke issues relating to Palestinian daily life. Having a good foundation in Photography and film-making as a profession, I managed to record, trace, and document many social activities... read on
Public Story
Recycle life
Copyright mohamed reefi 2021
Date of Work 05/18/16 - Ongoing
Updated 03/27/21
Location gaza city

There was a time the climate changes don’t affect us directly and we don’t care for it at the past but this day the climate changes affect us all directly affects agriculture, atmosphere, life of people at remote area, affects every thing we know even our life.

Climate changes are the main cause of all-natural disasters we have seen in the past few years and it will not stop in the future until we change the way we live in order to save our life not just the earth.

On the other hand, here in Gaza facing the Suffering and hard circumstances of our life people don’t look at the climate change as a problem as will as they help saving the earth to save them selves from starving under the Israeli siege and the Military rule of Hamas.

As you see in the picture, I take people are collecting plastic garbage from Landfill to sell it for plastic recycling factory to make a living for less than 3 dollars per day so they help the environment and earth and the climate without knowing just to put food on the family table.        
Gaza’s plastic collectors and recycles create badly needed jobs and income—but at a high environmental cost. 

About recycling plastic to preserve the environment as well as generating economic benefits and creating job opportunities. This starts with children who collect the plastic from the streets, then the plastic merchant sells it in bulks to factories. After that plastic pots and chairs are made from the collected plastic in the Gaza Strip. Therefore, this will be a profession and not just a temporary project. 

Gaza’s plastic recycles are at the forefront of work to stave off economic, humanitarian, and environmental collapse. In recent years a new culture and economy have risen up around recycling plastics: from collecting and cleaning to sorting and repurposing, people have created direly needed business opportunities.

Preserving the environment and encouraging sustainable development which are one of the most important goals worldwide. In addition to creating employment opportunities in the Gaza Strip which has a very high unemployment rate around 60% according to the Work Bank.

Merchants and factories owners are abusing this area and there is no follow up or encouragement from the community concerning this important issue, which could improve the economic and environmental aspects of life for the community.