Rebecca Conway

Photographer in Delhi | @TEDx speaker | @Sahar_Speaks mentor | @Reuters @AFP @irinnews alum
Exorcising the Jinn
Location: Delhi, India
Nationality: British
Biography: Currently in New Delhi, India, Rebecca works between India and Pakistan, covering conflict, women and minorities. She has worked for the New York Times, The Guardian, AFP, AP, Reuters, Stern, The National and IRIN, among others. She is based in... read on
Public Story
Exorcising the Jinn
Surrounded by desert on all sides a shrine haunted by a Sufi mystic draws those desperate for peace.

Living there for days or even months, worshippers who believe 10th century spiritual leader Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ashabi can rid them of possession by demons, known as jinns, leave offerings, chant prayers and grasp at walls in the rooms surrounding his tomb.

Shrines across Pakistan's Sindh province attract waves of believers, and worshippers can stay years at the Ashabi shrine in a bid to exorcise evil spirits.

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