Dear October,

Ramiro Aguilar Villamarí­n
Photographer / Videographer / Documentarist based in Ecuador
Between October 3rd and 13, 2019, the capital of Ecuador, Quito, was the main scenario of the strongest social protests recorded in the last three decades. Popular sectors, social movements, peasants and indigenous people took over the city in protest against the economic policies that the national government was about to adopt as agreed with the International Monetary Fund. The social unrest, that grew in the last decade, had its peak in these days that, due to excessive force by the National Police, took the lives of eleven civilians.

The record I made sought to protect the identity of those who manifested since, during those days, the national government and the traditional media launched a media campaign of delegitimization and criminalization of the protests that had racist and xenophobic overtones. For this reason, my images were disseminated anonymously in the social networks of LaPerió and the portal LaTecla-R.
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Dear October,
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Date of Work Oct 2019 - Oct 2021
Updated Oct 2021
Location Quito, Ecuador
Topics Action, Conflict, Confrontation, Human Rights, Journalism, Latin America, Photography, Photojournalism, Politics, Protests, Reporting, Revolution, Violence, Workers Rights, World