Ramiro Aguilar Villamarín

Photographer / Videographer / Documentarist
Banana workers: exploitation for exportation
Location: Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Biography: I am Ramiro Aguilar Villamarín (Quito, Ecuador – 1985), visual anthropologist, social communicator and journalist, specialized in video and photography. Since 2014 I have worked as a videographer, photographer and reporter for... read on
Public Story
Banana workers: exploitation for exportation
Credits: ramiro aguilar villamarín
Date of Work: 01/12/20 - 01/18/20
Updated: 09/07/20
Location: Machala, Ecuador
Rain, heat, fumigations during lunch and a salary that doesn’t deserve such denomination: banana workers carry on their shoulders all the weight to deliver such tropical fruit to the shelves of the global-north countries.

These photos were taken on January 2020 near the city of Machala, capital of El Oro Province, Ecuador. They show a glimpse of the work that around 200,000 people do every day to maintain the banana industry working. This essay was published by the digital magazine mutantia.ch.

By Ramiro Aguilar Villamarín —


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