Ramiro Aguilar Villamarín

Photographer / Videographer / Documentarist
As long as the price is right
Location: Ecuador
Nationality: Ecuadorian
Biography: Ramiro Aguilar Villamarín is an emerging documentary photographer based in Quito, Ecuador. Since 2018 he has been a member of the Asociación de Fotografos Ecuatorianos (AFE) and a collaborator of EverydayAmazon , part of... read on
Public Story
As long as the price is right
Credits: ramiro aguilar villamarín
Date of Work: 01/12/20 - 07/18/20
Updated: 07/27/20
Location: Machala, Ecuador
On January 2020, I joined Romano Paganini, journalist and coordinator of the digital magazine mutantia.ch, in an investigation about the banana industry on Ecuador. The abuse of power, the violations on human rights and labor rights, corruption and pollution, all these have been the pillars of this multimillionaire business. Even though some international policies and initiatives have been implemented to transform this industry towards a more just, fair and ecological one, their foundations are intact. The exploitation and disregard for their base workers is still normal and undisputed.

My photographic work, along with the written article, was originally produced for Public Eye, a Swiss organization that fights for fair and responsible practices from the big corporations stablished on their territory. And this particular essay was published along with the Spanish translated article on mutantia.ch.
Solange der Preis stimmt: Eine Reportage aus Ecuadors Bananenplantagen.
Chiquitas Geschäfte in Ecuador und die prekären Arbeitsbedingungen in den Plantagen


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