Alejandra Rajal Ramirez

Confraternity / Brotherhood
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Biography: Alejandra Rajal is a documentary photographer born and based in Mexico. Her vision focuses mainly on creating awareness of different realities, aiming to social conscience. Currently, she works as a freelance photographer dividing her time between... MORE
Public Story
Confraternity / Brotherhood
Copyright Alejandra Rajal 2023
Date of Work Feb 2018 - Ongoing
Updated Jun 2020
Location Puebla, Mexico
Topics Belief, Christianity, Community, Documentary, Essays, Faith, Historical, Photography, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Religion, Spirituality, Travel
Cultus tries to understand the evolution of faith in Mexico after its evangelization.

This chapter explores an ultraconservative group known as a Confraternity that arrived in 1545 and eventually was forgotten during the "Reforma Laws" (1861) when they went through a 132-year-old ban in the country and their current efforts to adapt to a new era.
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Confraternity / Brotherhood by Alejandra Rajal
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