Rafael Vilela

Guarani Urban Sprawl (ongoing)
Location: Sí£o Paulo
Nationality: Brazilian
Biography: vilelaovilela@gmail.com Rafael Vilela is an independent Brazilian photographer currently reporting on social injustice and the environmental crisis in his country. He was one of the founders of Midia NINJA , an initiative that today has more than... read on
Public Story
Guarani Urban Sprawl (ongoing)
Copyright rafael vilela 2021
Date of Work 03/03/20 - Ongoing
Updated 07/14/21
The pressure of urban development and real estate speculation has intensified in the Guarani territory in Pico do Jaraguá in recent years, one of the last remaining areas of Atlantic Forest in São Paulo city, Brazil. Their ecosystem has lost approximately 80% of its vegetation since the beginning of colonization. Today about 620 Indigenous people live in this UNESCO recognized biome in six villages spread across five hectares, the smallest demarcated Indigenous territory in the country. They strive to maintain their language, traditions, culture and the environment on the edges of the largest metropolis in Latin America with a strong and united community. All the children learn to speak the Guarani language before Portuguese, and many of their ancestral religious rites have remained very strong despite the proximity to white and Christian culture. This ongoing project aims to follow the life and culture of the Guaranis-Mbyiá in the state of São Paulo and its deep relationship with the environment in the midst of an urban way of life.

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