Alejandra Quintero Sinisterra

Photographer / Based in Bogotá, Colombia

(Bogotá, 1980) Quintero Sinisterra studied Social Communications at Universidad de la Sabana, made her appearance as a photographer in the 2000s and was in charge of the photography team at Revista SoHo Colombia for eight years,... read on
Focus: Photographer, Journalist, Advertising, Producer, Sports, Still Life, Style, Creative Director, Photography, Portraiture, Conceptual, Culture, Dancer, Director of Photography, Arts & Culture, Communications, Cinematography, Artist, Multidisciplinary Artist, Photoshop Artist, Brand Identity Designer, Publications, Publishing, Photo Editor Producer, Art & Culture Desk, Photo Coordinator, Special Projects, Sustainable Travel, Still Photographer, Studio Photographer, Photo Director, Portrait Photography, Celebrity, Celebrity and Entertainment
Skills: Research, Color Correction, Photo Editing, Black & White Printing, Print Making, Branding, Curating, Retouching, Colorist, Features Photo Editor, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop
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