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The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting: Our Story
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Feb 6, 2020
Our name signals "journalism" to most of the world, and yet people don't always fully grasp how our model works. Are we an aggregator? Are we agents for journalists? Are we check-writers? Are we educators? Are we staff journalists? Our mission is simple: to raise awareness of under-reported global issues. But our model sometimes causes confusion because we really are so many things in one! We hope this little explainer will help articulate what it is we do–and how all the pieces fit together in a virtuous cycle that is advancing journalism, learning, understanding, and democracy.

Credits: Narrated by Jon Sawyer
Animation by Lisa LaBracio
Produced by Mathilde Dratwa
Story by Steve Sapienza
Sound design by Marcelo Añez
Music by "The Legend of Zarko"
Written by the Pulitzer Center Staff

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