Pulitzer Center

Journalism and education for the public good.

An award-winning, non-profit news organization that partners with journalists and newsrooms to support in-depth reporting on critical global issues to educate the public, promote solutions, and improve lives.
Location: Washington, DC


We award more than $2 million a year in direct support to journalism at a time of financial stress in the news industry, making possible more than 600 stories annually in print, broadcast, and digital news outlets, as well as documentaries, books, and exhibitions. Our projects run in a wide variety of respected national, local, and international news outlets. Since our founding in 2006, Pulitzer Center reporting projects have won Emmys, George Polk Awards, National Magazine Awards, Overseas Press Club Awards, Peabody Awards, and Pulitzer Prizes.

We educate students and the public in more than 500 events a year featuring our journalist-grantees in conversations, exhibitions, and interactive events in public venues, schools, and colleges. Our in-person audience engagement builds trust in news by giving audiences fact-based reporting on global issues that affect them at home.

We support journalists, stories, and workplaces that represent and illuminate diversity and inclusion in all forms. Funded by foundations and donors like you, we are a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. You can support our mission here.

The Pulitzer Center is not affiliated with Columbia University's Pulitzer Prizes.