Philip Arneill

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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Nationality: Northern Irish
Biography: Philip Arneill is a long-term Tokyo-based educator and photographer, now living in Dublin.  He is interested in the empowerment of instant publishing, editing and feedback that mobile technology and social media sites such as Instagram offer,... read on
Public Project
We Were Not Here
Credits: philip arneill
Updated: 11/07/15
Location: Tokyo


I have always been a bit obsessed with blending images, ever since first discovering the joys of sandwiching and printing colour transparencies taken on a film camera. The relative ease with which this can be done on Photoshop, and latterly with tablet tools has been a revelation. This and wonderful feeds like the worldwide @echosight collaboration on Instagram have recently revived my interest in blending images.

Like much photography, there was a happy element of chance involved in first discovering the words 'We were not here' on a whiteboard at my place of work, words which are ironic in themselves. Perhaps more ironically, they had survived the whiteboard eraser's merciless swathe, and for whatever reason, drawn to the words I found myself suddenly photographing them on my iPhone for posterity. 

They seem to me to speak of both the uncertainty of memory which comes with the inevitable passing of time, as specifics begin to blur and bleed into each other, and to the transience of existence itself, coupled with the faith and importance we all place on time, place and people.

All the images were taken, blended and edited on iPhone5. 


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