Philip Arneill

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Location: Dublin, Ireland
Nationality: Northern Irish
Biography: Philip Arneill is a long-term Tokyo-based educator and photographer, now living in Dublin.  He is interested in the empowerment of instant publishing, editing and feedback that mobile technology and social media sites such... read on
Public Project
Take Back The City
Credits: philip arneill
Date of Work: 09/12/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 10/07/18
Location: dublin
Take Back The City is a non-violent, social protest movement comprised of a loose association of housing activists, community groups and NGOs, which has recently sprung up in response to Ireland's crippling housing crisis: this has been characterised by soaring rents, slum landlordism, forced evictions and unprecedented homelessness countrywide. Through occupying empty buildings and staging protest marches, designed to mobilise public support, Take Back The City's self-professed goals include forcing the government to recognise housing as a human right, make evictions into homelessness illegal, build social housing, and utilise the myriad vacant properties across Dublin and beyond to put an end to the homelessness epidemic.

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