Erica Price

Coney Island - Passover Break (Chol Hamoed)
Location: New York City
Nationality: American
Biography: Based in New York City, Erica Price  is a photojournalist and documentary photographer. Her work is focused on covering daily events in Brooklyn and the greater part of New York. A contributor to Getty Images and SCNG, which includes the Bay... read on
Public Story
Coney Island - Passover Break (Chol Hamoed)
Credits: erica price
Date of Work: 04/01/17 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/11/18
Coney Island / Brighton Beach , Brooklyn - Spring time. "Crowds flock to the beach and boardwalk during Passover break (Chol Hamoed)". When people think of Coney Island they usually conjure up images of side show freaks or super tan oiled people on the beach. But Coney has many types of seasons. With Summer on the horizon, the theme parks at Coney awake from their Winter hibernation. The intermediate days of Passover bring in folks from many walks of life. For a non weekend or government holiday (i.e. Memorial Day or Independence Day) the boardwalk is as busy as ever. With families enjoying the rides at Luna Park and building sand castles on the beach. Beautiful interactions between Orthodox Jewish families that isn't often seen. As a Coney Island local I've photographed all kinds of days, all kinds of people. I've captured regular off season days in the Winter and the hot and bubbly moments of the Mermaid Parade. Though this day, I felt a bit like an outsider while meandering through the crowds with some curious glances aimed my way but I hope to continue this series throughout the years. I've noticed these moments at Coney during Chol Homoed (Sukkos or Passover) aren't usually captured.

By Erica Price —



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