Luca Prestia

Historian and free-lance photographer based in Turin (Italy)
Location: Turin
Nationality: Italian
Biography: For some years I have been dealing with photographic projects related to the migratory phenomenon. I have visited some borders of Europe in search of traces of the testimonies of humanity passing through, in search of new life. For assignments,... MORE
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Tearsheet from Let's Explore Magazine
luca prestia
Apr 20, 2022
This series was published on «Let's Explore Magazine» (2015)

I am attracted by what breaks up the monotony of a landscape: by those small details which stand up against the predictable disposition of things within a scene, by what does not conform. In spite of everything.

Ordinarily is a series begun a year ago and not yet finished.

The purpose of the series is to represent, with photographs, which at first glance does not attract our attention within the urban and extra urban landscape.

Visual dissonances, aesthetic paradoxes, incongruities of everyday reality: all this is the basis of this photographic research.
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Tearsheet from Let's Explore Magazine by Luca Prestia
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