Anita Pouchard Serra

Visual storyteller and photojournalist
A radio against the mining project
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: Argentinian
Biography: Visual storyteller and Photojournalist // Born in 1985 // Buenos Aires, Latin-America and paris //  former architect and anthropologist French-Argentinian photojournalist and visual storyteller, based in Buenos Aires Aires and working in... read on
Public Story
A radio against the mining project
Credits: anita pouchard serra
Date of Work: 08/16/18 - Ongoing
Updated: 11/20/18
Speak directly, without intermediary. Say what you think. Describe its reality as it is seen and not as others see it, pursuing a path of independence between the medias of the major press groups.

These pictures are a new chapter of my long term work " Communication is not a marchandise" focusing on one citizen and popular radio " FM El algarrobo" in Andalgala in Catamarca mountains., Argentina 8 years ago, neighbours started to organized themselves to refuse a mining project in the mountains that will contaminate all the region and the water. They decided to use the communication and a radio, to fight against political lies, founding their own media. The project pretend to explore how the fight continue in the daily life, and how the mine impact the environnement today in thie Argentinian region.

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