Anita Pouchard Serra

Visual storyteller and photojournalist
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality: Argentinian
Biography: Visual storyteller and Photojournalist // Born in 1985 // Buenos Aires, Latin-America and paris //  former architect and anthropologist From my years as a dancer, I keep a love for bodies, its expressions and movements. As an architect, a... read on
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Visual storytelling and transmedia workshop in Washington DC. February 7 to 9
anita pouchard serra
Jan 23, 2020

Expanding the Visual Narrative: New Methods of Storytelling

Weekend Workshop in Washington DC + live online follow-up session


Feb 7–9, 2020 (Washington DC)
March 14, 12–3pm (online session)

This intensive in-person weekend workshop will help you transform your photo project into a robust narrative — telling a story in a new and creative way, not just showing a series of images.

Students will learn methods to harness their creative process as well as strategies for working in the field. We will cover how to fine-tune your working methodologies, from the original idea to sharing the project with the world. Through hands-on exercises, discussion, and lecture, we will explore new tools including using non-photography elements and transmedia to enrich the visual narrative. 

The workshop will also invite thoughtful conversation around current visual narratives in our societies. Each student will receive individual attention on their project during the workshop.
The workshop will continue five weeks later with an online follow-up session as a group to discuss the progress they’ve made on their projects and to get feedback.


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